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Microfiction: Christmas with Children

  Image Information: Christmas Tree ( pixabay ) What I Love About Christmas Snowflakes falling, snowmen being built, the twinkling of Christmas lights, hot cocoa by a toasty fire, opening Christmas presents, watching others open your presents to them, family, friends, Christmas caroling, annual Christmas play at church these are all my favorite things about Christmas. Laughter, excitement, joy, these are all my favorite feelings I love about Christmas.  These feelings and things have changed over the years. Santa Claus used to be my favorite. I've grown older and there is less magic about Christmas. I can't wait for the day when I have kids though. Christmas is much more magical with kids.  I want a Christmas with kids.  Author's Note:  When I was young, Christmas used to be very magical. As I grew older, it lost its magic. I wasn't as excited as I used to be. I miss a lot of that. I saw a Facebook post from a friends who is celebrating Christmas with her kids. She said

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