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  1. Hi Helen, I really like the concept that you're using for your storybook. I've never learned about the Four Immortal Gods before and I'm looking forward to learning more. I liked how you added some more story elements with the addition of a love story and My Nuong currently favoring Thuy Tinh. I wonder if the information will be enough to give him the advantage in the contest. Also, who else was in this competition? Were they worthy contenders or just push overs? If Thuy Tinh is able to win then maybe Vietnam won't have to endure all the flooding then. What if My Nuong is tricking Thuy Tinh and actually wants to help Son Tinh win? I think that'd be a huge betrayal. I also really like how your page is set up, but one of the tabs on the left side says untitled page, so I'd take a look at that.

  2. Hi Helen!

    I love your storybook. The bright image is a great start to your page, and it makes me want to keep reading. I love the structure of your storybook, that each story is focused on one of the four immortals. Very interesting topic and easy to follow. I also love that you include the pronunciations for the important characters and elements of the stories. This is something that isn't often done, but it really helps the reader to better engage with the content! Where I got tripped up the most was on the characters, because their introductions seemed to assume some level of understanding beforehand that I didn't have. Perhaps adding a character list before each story would help to clarify who's who so the reader can focus on the story a little more while reading. Overall, though, I really enjoyed your story and look forward to reading the rest as they show up!

  3. Hi Helen!

    Your storybook is very unique and I really love the layout. The pictures you added help the reader visualize the location and the clothing the characters wore. The pronunciation of the names were a great addition to your story. The description of who each character was really helped me to understand the story better. I wish more authors would do this as it helps the reader connect with the story. Your stories were very easy to follow! I like how you added the two perspectives from Thuy Tinh's and Son Tinh's perspectives in Chapter 1. You left very detailed author's notes which is great because it helps us to understand the background of the stories you have written. Great job! I look forward to reading more of your stories!

  4. Hi Helen!
    I enjoy reading your story! I have never heard any information about Vietnam's four immortals. But your story gives me a fantastic chance to get to know them. For now, the most impressive story in your storybook would be the Saint Giong in my opinion. You put several imagines into your website which help each reader to imagine some scenes and pictures in their minds. I think this is a really good strategy for us to build the website. Next, your plots would never make me feel boring. They provide the motivation for me to continue reading forward. Moreover, the specific description in your story is vivid and interesting. For example, each character shows their unique personalities and characteristics.

  5. Hi Helen,
    I really like the pictures you chose for your portfolio! They make me want to visit Vietnam.
    I enjoyed reading your adaptations of these traditional Vietnamese folktales, and I like how you changed them slightly to add your own touch. The first one was particularly interesting to me because of the plot twist where the king steps in and decides that the princess has to marry the contestant he likes better anyway! I think there is an interesting moral to be found in that story, that maybe some things in life are really unfair and beyond our control, and all we can do is keep trying even if we don't really know what the outcome will be.
    The shift in perspective between the first and second parts was really important because the ending felt more abrupt, which in this case I think was a good thing because it kind of transmits to the reader some of the sense of loss that My Nuong experiences.


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